An overview of our cleaning system and how it works
Traditionally carpets were only cleaned using the 'hot water extraction' (HWE) method.
This entailed using a machine which would force water into the carpet whilst almost immediately vacuuming out the (now dirty) water. This system was, and is, highly effective at cleaning carpets under the right circumstances.
However, HWE is not effective for certain types of carpet, nor is it the most efficient method of removing certain stains.
Increasingly over the years, other cleaning methods have been adopted. Such as 'dry' cleaning (often using foam, powder or moistened sponges) and 'low moisture' cleaning. Low moisture cleaning involves scrubbing the carpet with wool or cotton 'bonnets'. This can be highly effective at removing stains from a carpet, and can also help dry a carpet after it has been cleaned with a HWE machine, but is not an effective solution on it's own for very dirty carpeting.
At Phoenix, we use a combination of HWE and bonnet cleaning.  In our opinion this combination of systems provides the best of both worlds, as it combines the cleaning effectiveness of HWE together with the stain removal and faster drying times of bonnet cleaning.
We have been established since 2004, and were originally trained and licensed by Dry Fusion UK, one of the largest and most respected names in the cleaning industry. We are now fully independent. This independence allows us to choose the most effective cleaning solutions without being restricted to certain suppliers, and the freedom to charge a highly competitive price compared to carpet cleaning franchises.
To see some examples of our work, please see the two 'slideshow' pages of this website.